Luxury Dog Beds: Top Tips on How They Can Add Style to Your Home

Published: 07th December 2011
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If you are an avid reader of homes and interiors magazines like I am, you may have noticed that though you will see lots of dogs in the lifestyle home shots that they do not often feature any dog products. Is that because it is not possible to find dog accessories that complement your home interiors I ask myself….indeed not. Read on for some very useful tips on how to make your dog’s things a stylish addition to your home and an integral part of your home décor.

Firstly when choosing dog accessories you should note the colour scheme of the room that your dog will sleep in. Does he have his own spot in the utility room or kitchen, or does he have the luxury of sleeping in your bedroom? Whichever the case may be it is likely that this is where his dog bed will be and you don’t want to have to hide that dog bed away when Mrs Bucket comes to visit! When choosing a dog bed choose one where the cover is removable so that you can have a different cover to suit a number of colour schemes. So in the bedroom you may like to have floral or subtle ticking stripes to complement your bed linen whilst in the conservatory you may want something a bit brighter in tones of greens and brunt orange. In the kitchen choose a dog bed that tones in with other aspects of the room such as your granite worktop or the colour of your kitchen. Why not have a hand painted wooden dog bed in a F&B colour to complement your kitchen, or if you have recently had your kitchen painted ask the makers for some of the paint so that you can have a matching dog bed.

Most dogs love to cosy up with their owners watching tv in the evening. Whether your dog has a cushion in your living room or is allowed up on the sofa you don’t want it to ruin the stylish look and feel that you have strived to create. Choose a nice duck feather dog cushion for the living room so that it looks luxurious, plump and inviting. Again look at your room décor and pick a cover for the dog cushion that has complementary shades and then match it with a sofa cushion or a lampshade. For Autumn why not inject some rich plummy tones into your living room by having a purple dog cushion and throw, or why not choose tartan as it introduces more than one colour.

Dog bowls with big paw print symbols or supposedly funny captions emblazoned across the front of them should be banned. It is possible these days to get stylish wooden dog feeders and bowls that will look great in your kitchen whatever your colour scheme. If yours is a modern minimalist feel why not go for a contemporary raised feeder in sleek black finish to match your granite worktop. Alternatively if yours is a country kitchen then a raised wooden dog feeder painted to match your kitchen may be the ticket. Pottery dog bowls are now readily available in on trend colours to complement your crockery and you can even have them personalised so there is no confusion as to who’s bowl it is with the rest of the family.

Dogs come with a lot of must have accessories such as blankets, dog coats, leads and lots of dog toys. As you would with kids, make sure that you have a designated area for storage so that they don’t take over your living space. Coordinate fabric covered storage boxes with matching lead hooks again choosing a fabric that tones in with the colour scheme of your room. If you’re a wine buff,you may want to choose a wine case toy box and matching lead hooks for that French chateau feel.

Dog things don’t have to be hidden away or an embarrassment when guests arrive. You’ll soon have your friends asking you where you got that stylish dog bed instead of your cushions or lampshades, and don’t be surprised when the magazines come knocking on your door for that lifestyle shoot!

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